Why choose Grosvenor?

1. Award winning dry-cleaner
Grosvenor Dry Cleaning of Cotham Road, Kew is the recipient of the 2012 John Reddish Service Excellence award...

// Mayor Cr Heinz Kreutz learn more about our award here →

2. Highly experienced professionals

Grosvenor Dry Cleaners have been operating for 67 years (since 1946) and 22 years under the current management. On a regular basis we are asked to fix wedding dresses that have been damaged by other dry cleaners due to sub-optimal cleaning techniques. Please don't risk your precious dress with in-experienced cleaners. All wedding dresses through our premises are hand-cleaned by our in-house experts. Click here to meet the Grosvenor Team Members → Alternatively, why not call us directly on (03) 9817 - 3855 and we can answer any questions you may have about cleaning your dress.

3. Relentless attention to detail

From the time a wedding dress enters our facility, it is inspected no less than five times so that nothing is overlooked. This includes examining all beading and other accessories and disussing any likely risk in cleaning upfront- prior to cleaning, not after. All garments are pre-spotted using advanced techniques and carefully pressed by hand. A final and thorough inspection is performed to confirm that all components of the dress are clean and finished, in a pristine condition that will satisfy the impecable standards of its owner. We then call you to organise an inspection prior to boxing. If requested, the dress is then delicately packaged into a special-purpose box and lined with acid-free tissue paper to preserve its cleanliness and shape. An automated SMS text message is then sent to inform you that your wedding dress is ready for collection. We will meet your expectations and deliver on what we promise.

4. Investment in technology and equipment

Over the years, we have made significant investments in technology and equipment to continuously improve the standard of service that we can offer. This enables us to deliver a wide-range of cleaning methods including the 'Special H' (hydrocarbon) process. The result is an effective yet gentle clean without the disadvantages that come with using harsh chemicals. All of our garments are also tracked within the Grosvenor Workflow System that will automatically send you a SMS text message when your wedding dress is ready for collection.

5. Competitive pricing

We appreciate that you have an emotional attachment to your wedding dress and it is one of the most precious items you own. This does not mean we take advantage of your sentiments by over-charging you. We promise a most competitive price based on the degree of time spent to clean your dress- we think that is fair. Why not request a wedding dress cleaning quote - it takes under 2 minutes using our new online quotation system here →

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